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Welcome to Nountown

"Welcome to Nountown" serves as an introduction to the growing world of characters within the world of Nouns. Follow (Noun 1) through Nountown in a ...

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Atrium Creator Spotlight: Garfield L Miller

Our Head of Community spoke to the latest creative to join our platform, Garfield L Miller. The award-winning Writer, Director, and Pro...

Bringing your Animated Story to Life

How are individuals having their own Pixar-quality animated series produced? How can they possibly connect to some of the industry's be...

The Decentralised Super-Creator Economy - How animators are thriving in crypto art

In this video, we break down what the decentralized super-creator economy is and why some of the best animators and visual effects arti...

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Six - The Origin

Origin Story of Sixstrings created by Phuncal in classic old-film anime style as part of the atrium commission series.

Why Web3 Works for VFX Artists

The dawn of web3 technology has opened the way for VFX artists to unlock their full potential. But what makes this space so attractive ...

The Decentralized Super-Creator Economy

We are witnessing the start of a new era - the decentralized super-creator economy! Builders can unleash their creativity to build out ...

"Showreel" by Indrajeet Sisodiya

From Indystry - "My latest showreel as a part of my work at Pixomondo Toronto in 2019."

Zendoubt Professional Reel

From Zendoubt - "Professional work during my time at Luma Pictures."

HKJAY Professional Animation Demo Reel

From HKJay "This is a small compilation of work I have done professionally for the past few years as an animator in the film industry....

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