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#006 - Leap of Faith


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It’s been incredible developing @sagaofsix with @3D_PrintGuy & @AtriumNft Today, I am proud to release “Leap of Faith” the conclusion of the first story arc, but the beginning of many more. TY @BoredApeYC @OthersideMeta community for all ur support & shout out @FrenchApeYC https://t.co/z9hJiUcSNz
RUN. https://t.co/QrRA9TGXGo
Dead End. https://t.co/Mtogn1GlMz
3D Print Guy
1/2 Here are some BTS scenes from my latest commission! As a huge Film and Anime guy I always take inspiration from some of my favourite scenes, the first being the ominous glow from LOTR Mines of Moria. The dark tall stone pillars juxtaposed with the evil orange glow 🤌 https://t.co/BOkfTnmoWg
reydelmundo.eth | Freddy - Bayc2042 Mayc2491 🐆🦍
Amazing what they have done !! Definitely love the saga of Six, Congratz to all the gang @siixstrings @AtriumNft @3D_PrintGuy Dope songs, sick animation, what a great entertaining saga 🤯🤯 https://t.co/z4zswDGOK3
@siixstrings @sagaofsix @3D_PrintGuy @AtriumNft @BoredApeYC @OthersideMeta @FrenchApeYC Sums up the bond pretty much 🤟 https://t.co/WDonANiYOw
🎬 We asked @3D_PrintGuy to take us behind the scenes so we could give you all a closer look at his process. These snaps provide a tiny window into what goes into the final animation. https://t.co/paj33tWjec
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